Education and training is key to your organization’s uptake of effective risk management practices. Aerosafe specialises in the development and delivery of risk management training which aims to provide the necessary skills and competencies to industry.

Aerosafe is an accredited and experienced training provider which provides courses ranging from a few hours through to qualification based training at the post graduate level. Over the past five years, Aerosafe has conducted training for over 6300 people in a variety of accredited and non-accredited courses.

Aerosafe courses are aligned with unit of competency or national unit standards and, if desired, an additional assessment can be undertaken to achieve these units or standards.

Our facilitators are dynamic in their approach and have been recognised as leading authorities in the field of governance, risk management and safety management. Our approach to training is second to none; we constantly receive excellent feedback, not only from participants, but also from senior management who recognise the impact that the courses have on risk behaviour observed in the workplace.

Aerosafe has four different modes of training delivery for its courses:

Client Based Training: This popular method of training delivery will see the Aerosafe team come to your location and deliver dedicated on-site training. Accredited or non-accredited training is available. Class sizes are recommended at 15-20.

Industry Training Courses: Aerosafe conducts industry training courses in a variety of locations in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. This delivery mode is ideal for those organizations who wish to send a small number of people to training and value the interaction with others from industry.

Online Education: For those who are interested in studying with us, but cannot make the industry training course location or dates.

Group Presentations: Often an organization is looking for an outside company to provide a short and effective education session for their team. Aerosafe is available to assist your organization with education sessions that could range from an hour through to a short course. This delivery mode is suitable for groups of 50-500.

Or simply tell us what you need

Aerosafe courses can be tailored to suit your specific industry or organisation and can be delivered on site, increasing the opportunity for a team-based approach to training. This delivery method will engage your key staff and team members, at various levels, helping to create a positive risk and safety culture throughout your organization.

Our tailored training packages include comprehensive consultation prior to the delivery of training to ensure that the material, scenarios and tools are consistent with your organisation’s culture and existing processes and systems. This approach consistently receives excellent feedback from participants and from senior management who recognise the impact that the course has on risk behaviour observed in the workplace.

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