Demonstrating effective governance and oversight is becoming more crucial as governments introduce legislation to prevent fraud, ensure regulatory compliance, and the ethical operation of companies. Aerosafe can work with companies at an enterprise wide level to improve oversight, effective internal controls and corporate governance. Aerosafe assists companies to design a tailored, integrated framework for defining the essential governance components of a company: risk management, assurance and compliance.

Aerosafe has developed a strong reputation in advising Boards, risk and audit committees and Chief Executive Officers on emerging concepts in governance and oversight. Building on the foundation of risk management, and it’s principles of an integrated, organization-wide and transparent approach, Aerosafe is able to help companies develop and maintain a level of assurance about their operations, and maximise the opportunities available to them.

Corporate Governance Services include:

  • Corporate Governance Framework
  • Board Guidelines, processes and protocols
  • Assurance planning
  • Compliance review
  • Board Education & Training

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