Aerosafe provides governance, risk management and safety management systems consultancy and training in four main industry sectors.

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Aerosafe’s reputation as a leader in the field has been built in the aviation industry. Whether it is military aviation, commercial aviation, airlines, aircraft manufacturing, air traffic services, general aviation or unmanned aerial vehicles Aerosafe is equipped to provide support to the aviation industry. Since its establishment in 1996, Aerosafe has built subspecialties in many of the unique aviation sectors. These include air ambulance operations (fixed wing and rotary), offshore helicopter operations, airports & aerodromes, aviation operations for the mining, resource and energy sectors, airlines, charter, aerial work, flight training, tourism and adventure aviation.

In recent years, Aerosafe has grown in its provision of support to aviation regulators around the globe and has expertise in building regulatory oversight frameworks and systems specially to deliver on ICAO’s expectation for risk based oversight.

One of the key risk areas in aviation is safety. Aerosafe is experienced and equipped to support your organization in implementing, auditing or enhancing a safety management system. Our approach to safety management systems is that ‘it’s more than a piece of paper, it's peace of mind’. Below are some of the services we offer:

  • Risk Management
  • Safety Management Systems
  • Auditing & International Benchmarking
  • Safety & Risk Management Training
  • Industry Risk Profiling
  • Regulatory Oversight & Governance


Unlike private enterprise, the Defense environment is subject to a complex risk profile where high risk in many instances is inherent in operations. Risk management frameworks and systems in this sector need to be adaptable to allow for the protection of people and assets while delivering Defense capability. Uncertainty in relation to national security makes it critical for Defense organizations to determine how to effectively identify and manage the risks embedded in their operations and oversight arrangements. Aerosafe has conducted extensive work in the Defense sector, ranging from the application of risk management at an enterprise risk management level within the Defense environment through to a wide array of operational risk management for Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Defense Acquisition. Aerosafe can assist Defense with:

  • Capability risk assessments
  • Enterprise risk management
  • Management of risk in the acquisition process
  • Operational risk management
  • Project risk management for joint Defense and industry projects
  • Risk Management for Defense infrastructure, installations & assets

Aerosafe works with Defense Forces and Organizations around the globe including the US Department of Defense and Defense Organizations in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Singapore and the United Kingdom.


Aerosafe has been invited to work with regulators and monitoring agencies over several years, to adopt and implement a risk-based approach to regulatory and safety oversight model. Our team has been at the forefront of this work in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Aerosafe has an intimate working knowledge of the international and national regulatory environments and teaches and advises on national and international regulatory and legislative requirements. The Aerosafe team conducts much of its work with regulators and government agencies that have responsibility for overseeing various sectors or industries. In regard to Aerosafe’s work within the regulatory sector, the following services are provided:

  • Strategic Policy Advice
  • The innovative Industry Risk Profiling™
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Risk management reviews and gap analysis
  • Risk management training
  • Risk management policy development & implementation

Over recent years there has been a shift by regulators and monitoring agencies to adopt a risk-based approach to regulatory and safety oversight. Aerosafe has pioneered a new innovative approach to industry and sector risk profiling that is being adopted by regulators around the globe.

Aerosafe has undertaken contract work with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority in Australia, Transport Canada, the Federal Aviation Administration (USA) and the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand. In addition to this, advisory support and advice has been provided to CAAC (China), DGCA (India) and the CAA (PNG).


Transportation has done much over the decades to help build an economy. At Aerosafe, we believe that ’safety comes first’. We are proud to have been instrumental in assisting organizations in the transport industry to develop some of the highest safety standards. To achieve this, we provide our clients with the most current risk management and safety management techniques and knowledge. Over the years Aerosafe has been involved in an increasing number of transport safety and risk management projects and has provided its services to some of industry’s leading companies. Aerosafe’s involvement in this industry provides a means of achieving a transportation environment that is sustainable for road, rail, maritime and aviation.

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