Incident Reporting System

IRIS™ is an online integrated risk and safety management information management system which provides aviation companies with an innovative and easy to use application which not only meet regulatory requirements but streamlines effort, information and practice. IRIS™ includes modules:

  • Incident reporting system
  • Safety manual & documentation repository
  • Risk & hazard management module
  • Safety committee information management
  • Training register

Independent Safety Watchdog Support: With IRIS™ managing your incident reporting an automated feature allows qualified safety & risk specialists from Aerosafe to play a part in the action and incident review loop. When an incident report is submitted, Aerosafe’s 24 hour team is notified and provides external advice and assistance where needed.

  • No development time or costs
  • Complete system set up within 30 days
  • IRIS™ is web based and does not require sophisticated IT infrastructure
  • Provide easy web based access for all staff and crew
  • Ideal system for programs with multiple bases
  • Enjoy automated data backup and recovery
  • Feel safe that your data is secure
  • Integrate your SMS, risk assessments & training information
  • Increase efficiency of the time you spend on reporting and incident management by 80%
  • Includes a ‘closed loop’ e-mail based action system that allocates and tracks outstanding safety actions
  • Receive automatic phone text message safety alerts
  • Ensure user participation through positive users experiences
  • Affordable price with no hidden costs
  • Optimise your investment by ordering only the modules you need
  • Available from anywhere 24 hours a day
  • Join the top companies already enjoying the benefits

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