Safety Management Systems

A safety management system (SMS) is structured way to oversee and manage the safety risks of an organization or industry. The SMS framework which Aerosafe uses has been developed through benchmarking of SMS requirements from regulators and industry practice from around the world.

With the maturity of SMS across industry, organizations are realising that there is more to an SMS than simply an SMS manual. One of the key risk exposures in the transportation industry is safety. Aerosafe enhances, develops and implements, leading edge safety management systems for the transportation industry around the world. Our team is equipped to provide the full spectrum of services in this field including auditing, training, policy and procedure development and advice. In addition, every two years Aerosafe conducts an international benchmarking activity to compare practices across the globe and provide confidence on the maturity of uptake of SMS practices.

Safety Management System services include:

  • SMS Development
  • SMS Program Implementation
  • SMS Policy & Procedures
  • SMS Training
  • Audits and evaluations
  • Incident reporting systems
  • International benchmarking

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