Aviation Safety Network

The Aviation Safety Network™ is an international program designed to provide the support to implement safety management systems and risk management best practice within aviation organizations. Originally developed in the EMS community, the ASN has utility across all aspects of the aviation industry and is currently being adopted in the airline, airport, helicopter and military sectors.

The Aviation Safety Network™ is based upon the Integrated Safety & Risk Management Advisory Standard, which contains thirty individual standards, derived from international criteria from over eighty-seven different sources, ensuring that the ASN takes its members “Beyond Compliance”.

Those organizations which join the Aviation Safety Network™ have the opportunity to access and use:

  • Advisory Standard
  • Annual evaluation (external audit)
  • ASN Rep Training
  • ASN Executive Training
  • ASN safety promotion package
  • Benchmarking against others within the ASN
  • Handbooks, manuals, guides and tools
  • Online incident reporting system
  • Networking with other like organizations
  • Shared incident & accident data and analysis
  • 24 hour risk & safety support and assistance

The Aviation Safety Network™ is, in essence, an international safety & risk management department committed to exceeding compliance requirements. The Aviation Safety Network™ offers a rolling program on an annual cycle of activities which have been specifically selected to ensure the safety culture matures along an endorsed continuum.

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